Handcrafted fins are made from a large

fiberglass panels, which are laminated with

resin. The panels are then cut into the shape

of the fin, and then sanded (foiled) to create

the shape and foil desired.

The traditional method of laying up a fin

panel, cutting the template and foiling the

fin is still the best way to get a great flex

and response in a fin, which in turn performs


The choice of the fiberglass cloth and numbers of layer will determine the strength of the fiberglass panel.

Our fiberglass panel is made from enough fiberglass clothes that over 40 layers which make panel strength stronger and firm.

Place the first fiberglass cloth and paint the different tint resin on it ,

waiting for solidify, then repeat that process, repeat and repeat until over 40 layers,any

small mistake in these processes will ruin the final panel. What's more,we making fiberglass panel in E-Fiberglass(a standard

material of solid fiberglass surf fins), E-fiberglass can compatible fins performance and strength at the same time,

which mean give player a good surfing experience, keep fins live longer.

Practice make perfect,with thousands of handcraft fin at a month , our experienced

master can make a variety of different templates in a nicely foiled under our fiberglass panel.


Due to cutting out the template by tooling, no need to make a mold as RTM.

We can customise different kinds of templates according customers’ demand.

As long have an outline files. files.

The base part sand by specific machine, both thickness and shape

are more standard.

Available most fin system styles on the market, Dual Tab, Single Tab,

Dual Tab II, Center, etc

Handcraft fin can make different appearance designs

according to different materials.

Such as Dark Volan, Translucent, Solid Color,

Volan, Bamboo, Wooden, Multicolors, etc.

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