The front wing and rear wing made by Ultralight Carbon Version Third process.

They are light enough to float on the water.


The mast, fuselage and base made entirely by CNC machine.

They made from the Aluminium alloy T6-6061, the hardness is 15°.

About Promax hydrofoil

We started to make the hydrofoil since 2014.

The hydrofoil base on our Ultralight Carbon technology.

At first, we just used it on the carbon fins. But we found the Ultralight Carbon technology can make the foil wings with good performance.

With several times updated, the Ultralight Carbon Verson Three can make the foil wings not only very light, but also very strong.

The foil wings will be very smooth and without many pin holes after it out of the mold.

We don't need to do much sanding on the foil wings, so it can keep the standard shape and smooth mounting part for the screws.

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