With several years improving and thousands of times testing, the technology for the

Ultralight carbon product is totally different from the RTM technology now.

In the past seveal years, the first version of the carbon fiber fin by RTM technology, the

 weight is not easy to make lighter.

After we tested many kinds of contruction, different types of material and updated a lot of times of

technology, we found the best method to balance the performance and weight.

The Ultralight carbon fin with the special foam

core inside that reduce more resin.

It can let the fin reduce much more weight.

That is why the Ultralight carbon fin is much

lighter than the normal RTM fin,

even though the RTM fin with the honeycomb

foam core inside.

By the way, the amazing Ultralight carbon fin

is too light to float on the water.

Our ultralight carbon fin not only nery light, but also very strong.

No matter the body or the edge for the fin,

all of them are very strong.

Some of carbon products need to add the

ABS to protect the edge not too easy to crack.

But our ultralight carbon products can make

the edge verystrong and no need the ABS

to protect the edge.

We just use this technology on the surfboard fin, race board fin and some other surfing products.

But we think this technology have more possibilities.

Please feel free to let us know if you want to do the products by this technology.

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